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App Academy was the first coding school to base students' tuition on their first year's salaries after the course. Over 3,000 alumni have been placed at 1,000+ companies, earning median salaries of $101,000 in San Francisco and $90,000 in New York.

App Academy is excited to announce a new Tuition Limit Option for our students: if you enroll at our San Francisco or New York campus under the standard Deferred plan, consent to an optional Alumni Engagement Agreement, and remain in good standing as an alum, in return we will not seek to collect more than 28% of your first year's compensation (23% if you enrolled under the Hybrid plan). Since your tuition can never exceed the amount specified in your Enrollment Agreement, this can only benefit you.

For example, if the tuition specified in your Enrollment Agreement is $28,000 and you take a job with a $60,000/yr salary, App Academy will not seek to collect more than $16,800 from you.

App Academy's focus continues to be investing in you rather than charging you upfront tuition. Our new Tuition Limit Option continues that trend by aligning our incentives completely with yours.

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