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Program Description

Being a software engineer requires more than knowing how to code or build a web app. Over 15 challenging weeks at Flatiron School students learn to think and build, like software engineers — from developing coding proficiency to gaining an understanding of how products are designed and managed. Students develop key skills through interactive labs, lectures, and close collaboration, showcasing progress through Portfolio Projects.

While the bulk of the material covered encompasses the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems, they have carefully designed our curriculum to prepare students to launch software engineering careers, independent of any specific language or technology.

Flatiron School offers courses online and on-campus in Colorado Springs, Denver, and New York City. By the completion of the program, students have done much more than simply build technical skills: they have maintained technical blogs to show they can credibly talk tech; they have become a part of the tech community; they have amassed an impressive portfolio of unique, functional web applications to show employers as they enter the job-search phase with the support of Flatiron School’s Career Services team.